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3 Reasons You Should Hire A DWI Defense Attorney

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If you’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Orange County, NC, you may find your head spinning. What should you do to navigate the complex legal process? Can you handle your defense yourself? What kind of attorney should you use? Turn to the Rothrock Law Firm for answers to these and other questions you might have during this stressful time. We will help you mount the best DUI defense. We’re the traffic lawyer local residents have turned to since 1981 to get the defense they deserve.

A DWI charge is a serious offense. It can result in jail time, mandatory alcohol education classes, fines and imprisonment. If someone was injured during the incident, the charges can carry more serious consequences.

Here are 3 reasons you should hire a DWI defense attorney to help you with your DUI defense.

  • Question the Breathalyzer

In many cases when you’re stopped under the suspicion of drunk driving, you’re asked to take a breathalyzer, which analyzes the amount of alcohol in your system. An attorney can question the accuracy and validity of a breathalyzer by asking about when it was last calibrated and whether it has ever malfunctioned. A defense attorney can also determine whether the police officer administering the test followed proper procedures within the department and provided by the manufacturer.

  • Question the Stop

A good traffic lawyer can call into the question the reasons why you pulled over in Orange County, NC, in the first place. If the court is convinced that there was no just cause for you to pulled over in the first place, the entire case may be thrown out. If your DUI defense attorney can cause the reasons for the stop to be invalidated, then it’s likely that the DWI charge will also be thrown out by the court.

3. Question the Impressions

In many DWI cases, the arresting officer will describe certain physical conditions, such as bloodshot, red eyes or the presence of an alcohol odor on the driver’s breath. However, an attorney may argue that these conditions were the result of some common occurrence, such as regular medications that the driver takes or a strong non-alcoholic drink that has a pungent smell.

The officer may have asked you to take a field sobriety test and indicated that you failed the test. However, there are many factors that could contribute to a failed test, such as windy or wet conditions, a physical limitation the driver has, the shoes being worn or even the driver’s weight. Any of one of these may call into question the accuracy of the officer’s assessment that you “failed” a test. Sometimes a kernel of doubt is all that’s needed to throw out a case.

When you need a DWI defense, count on Ken Rothrock. He and our firm have been helping North Carolina residents since 1981. Our firm focuses on representing those facing traffic citations, personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Call on us to get the representation you deserve. If you are looking for a  DWI defense attorney in Orange County NC, contact Rothrock Law Firm at 919-296-8708.