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Traffic Lawyer in Hillsborough NC

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Traffic Lawyer

Finding the Best Traffic Lawyer in Hillsborough NC

Rothrock Law Firm Fights For Your Rights When You Get a Ticket

When you’ve been issued a traffic violation ticket, you want to fight it as best you can. A traffic lawyer can give you the right representation to challenge the ticket, reduce or eliminate a fine and achieve the best possible legal outcome. When you want an attorney who will put up a staunch legal defense in Hillsborough NC and throughout Orange County NC, turn to our talented team with more than 35 years of experience at Rothrock Law Firm.

Whether it’s a speeding ticket or other moving violation, there’s a lot to consider. For example, if you pay the fine, it’s an admission of guilt and may lead to additional points … and additional costs … on your auto insurance.

In addition, if you’re an out-of-state driver and ignore the ticket, believing it will “just go away,” think again. Eventually the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles will catch up with you and you’ll receive a notice that your license has been suspended for failing to appear in court. That situation creates more headaches, more costs and more paperwork.

Still, many people ask whether hiring a traffic lawyer is worth it. Here are six reasons why the answer is yes:

  • Expert Insights. An experienced traffic lawyer can find errors in process and procedures that you are unlikely to detect. Attorneys know how to find these errors, which greatly increase the likelihood that your ticket will be dismissed.
  • Fine Reduction. If you are culpable for the ticket, an attorney may be able to reduce greatly the fine a court imposes on you in Orange County NC.
  • Your Advocate. Defending yourself in court can be an intimidating experience. You want someone by your side who is fully committed to getting you the defense and deal that is in your best interests. In some cases, we can represent you on your behalf, meaning you don’t even need to appear in court.
  • Affordable. When you factor in the costs of fines and years of increased insurance rates, hiring a traffic lawyer makes sound financial sense.
  • Experience Matters. When an experienced traffic lawyer walks into a courtroom, you can be sure that prosecutors are going to take pause. Sometimes, the appearance of a well-regarded attorney will prompt the prosecutor to suggest a compromise and resolve the issue quickly … and in your favor.
  • Judicial Respect. Judges know you’re taking the matter seriously when you appear in court with a reputable traffic lawyer. It shows you are invested in the case, desire a reasonable and fair outcome and will fight for your rights under the law.

At Rothrock Law Firm, we’ve been helping clients with the defense they deserve since 1981. In addition to traffic violation cases, Hillsborough NC residents turn to our skilled team to handle personal injury, workers’ compensation, and commercial truck accidents cases and have criminal records expunged. If you are looking for a traffic lawyer in Hillsborough NC, contact Rothrock Law at 919-296-8708, or visit our website at