Proudly Serving My Community Since 1981

A Trusted Attorney With Decades Of Experience

I am Ken Rothrock, a lawyer who has been helping people in Hillsborough and throughout Orange County deal with crises caused by accidents and injuries since 1981. I also offer dedicated, results-focused representation for individuals charged with driving while impaired, traffic citations and those coping with the burdens of a criminal record they earned when they were young.

For more than 42 years, I have helped clients through extremely tough situations. If you have been injured or tragically lost a family member in a motor vehicle collision or on-the-job accident, you can turn to Rothrock Law with the confidence that I will personally prioritize your case. In addition to having earned exceptional outcomes in personal injury cases, I help people across fight for their rightful workers’ compensation benefits and defend citizens charged with traffic violations.

If You Think You Might Need A Lawyer, You Do Need A Lawyer

People turn to me when they want a seasoned, hard-driving veteran of many high-value negotiations and trials in the General Courts of Justice in North Carolina. I will put my firm’s resources to work on finding, preserving and effectively presenting the evidence necessary to maximize your compensation. This includes calling upon top-quality experts in accident reconstruction and other fields when helpful to my clients’ cases. As a longstanding member of Advocates for Justice, I can also readily obtain guidance from other accomplished trial lawyers who are also my colleagues in North Carolina.

Turn To An Attorney You Can Trust With Your Future

I offer a free attorney consultation and I have a “no fee if no recovery” policy in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. To learn your rights and discuss legal options regarding an injury-causing accident or traffic stop, call Rothrock Law at 919-296-8708 or email me. I have always made responsiveness and accessibility to clients my mission. I look forward to helping you.