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Helping You Fight For Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you have been injured on the job seriously enough that you must miss work for a substantial period of time, you are very likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may cover all necessary medical treatment, full or partial wage loss and your longer-term needs if you are permanently disabled. Under some circumstances, compensation can be paid for life. Even if your work injury was your fault, you may still recover in full; remember compensation law is very different from personal injury law and the doctrine of contributory negligence which can bar your claim is very limited in the law of workers’ compensation. If you were injured on the job, you need a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Unfortunately, many people have their claims denied for improper reasons, face serious delays in getting their workers’ compensation checks or having their medical bills paid, and face other problems with their workers’ compensation claims. Some lawyers may offer counsel and representation only after a problem comes up; but, I encourage you to contact me as soon as possible after suffering a serious work-related injury. That is the time my knowledge and skills will allow me to preserve evidence and interview significant witnesses before they forget or their memories become cloudy. It’s sad, but very true, that in my 35 years of being a workers’ compensation lawyer, I have seen witnesses change their stories because of pressure from employers and co-workers adverse to an injured worker’s claim for benefits. If I become involved soon after an incident, I will document their statements before there is an opportunity to pressure a witness to forget what happened.

Protecting Your Rights From Day One

Practicing law since 1981, I have helped many people like you get all benefits and services available after construction accidents, factory accidents, work-related car accidents and other life-changing events. My strengths as a workers’ compensation lawyer include:

  • In-depth knowledge of the laws and procedures set out in chapter 97 of the North Carolina general statutes. This is the chapter relevant to workers’ compensation cases. This knowledge helps me to prepare successfully for hearings before the North Carolina Industrial Commission.
  • Decades of experience gathering and presenting all evidence necessary to make workers’ compensation insurers pay in full – including medical records, witness accounts and proof of lost wages.
  • Proven ability to win compensation through a third-party lawsuit if someone other than your employers, such as a subcontractor, equipment manufacturer or negligent motor vehicle driver, is liable for your accident. These cases are called third-party claims.

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dedicated To Obtaining All You Deserve

It is essential to report your work injury immediately to your supervisor or another authority at your employer right away. You cannot legally be fired or disciplined for doing so. After that, the best thing you can do is get experienced legal advice. In most cases, who is at fault for your accident does not matter – and I have helped work injury victims obtain compensation through a state fund designed to pay even when an employer’s insurer has gone bankrupt.

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I will provide a free consultation on your workers’ compensation claim or dispute. There is no legal fee involved until and unless I secure your workers’ compensation benefits for you. Call me now at 919-296-8708.