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Representing People Injured In Commercial Truck Accidents

Even at low speed, a collision with a semi, construction rig or other huge commercial vehicles can be devastating for drivers and passengers in any ordinary automobile. When higher-speed truck crashes occur on Interstate 85, I-70, Old NC-86 or other another North Carolina roadway, the consequences are often life-changing or even tragically fatal.

After seeking medical attention for all who need it, the most important thing to do following a car-truck collision is to contact a responsive, experienced personal injury attorney or commercial truck accident lawyer. Fast action to preserve evidence that the trucking company and the insurance company may try to conceal could make all the difference. Remember that the black box in that 18-wheeler that records the essential facts of the vehicle’s operation at the time of a crash is only required to be kept for a short period of time. You must move quickly to secure that very important evidence. I will move right away to protect your rights, preserve the evidence of the accident and bring in a skilled accident reconstruction expert if we need it to protect you and your family.

Holding Trucking Companies And Insurers Accountable For Negligence

While intrastate carriers are required to have $1 million in insurance coverage, interstate carriers are not. However, regardless of the coverage, their insurers defend these cases vigorously. Getting the compensation you deserve will require an experienced trial lawyer with access to the latest technology and other essential trial resources.

In my over 42 years of practicing law, I have represented many seriously injured accident victims and their families. My experience as a commercial truck accident lawyer and capabilities help me do the following:

  • Proving that violations of state or federal safety regulations – such as those intended to prevent driver fatigue and catastrophic equipment failures – were the cause of a truck accident.
  • Establishing and presenting the total impact of the serious injuries or wrongful death on the life of you or your family member. Remember your financial stability and future will depend on your securing the maximum financial recovery.
  • Negotiating and litigating relentlessly on your behalf, from a position of strength that comes only with having preserved the necessary evidence and having a reputation for stellar case preparation.

Please do not wait to call Rothrock Law if you were involved in a truck accident. You can count on me for caring and dedicated representation throughout your case. I will prioritize the needs of you and your family and will keep you informed while you focus on your health and the well-being of your family. Call 919-296-8708 to arrange a free consultation. You will pay no attorney fees unless I secure a recovery for you by settlement, judgment or verdict.